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Terms and conditionsThe Lost Crypt Escape Room

Terms and conditions – The Lost Crypt Escape Room
Your escape room booking is subject to the following conditions:

  1. 2-6 players can be booked only. No additional people are permitted after the online booking is completed.
  2. If you are booking on behalf of a group you will be considered the ‘Lead Name’, responsible for all aspects of the booking and particularly, for ensuring that all members of the group have seen these terms and conditions, and agree to give their consent to be bound by these terms and conditions as they will be required to sign them on arrival. If they do not comply and give consent, no refund is permitted.
  3. The minimum age of the booking hirer or Lead Name, is 18. Children from the age of 8 upwards are permitted but only if accompanied by at least 2 adults. The game is complex and not designed for young children.
  4. Bookings can only be made in advance online, and at least 24 hours in advance. You must arrive 10 minutes ahead of your booked time.
  5. Cancellation and changes are permissible only up to 48 hours ahead of your booking and no refunds are applicable within this time period. Cancellation within 7-3 days of your booking will still attract a cancellation fee of £10 minimum payment per person.
  6. Any cancellations must be made by notifying us both by calling our escape room telephone number and emailing to request cancellation, and we will log the times of your call and email in order to calculate any refunds, if applicable.
  7. If you do not turn up for your booking or you are more than 15 minutes late, it will not be possible for you to start the game and your booking will be non-refundable.
  8. If we need to cancel your booking we will give you a full refund for the value of the booking or you may choose to reschedule. Our liability for cancellation cannot exceed the amount actually paid for the booking.
  9. If you are or anyone in your party show symptoms of Covid or have been told to self-isolate, you should not play our escape room.
  10. If you or any member of your group has any medical problem or disability which may affect the booking arrangements please advise us in writing ahead of booking so that we may provide advice to inform you before you book.
  11. We expect you and all players to wear suitable clothing that is warm enough in winter and in all cases, is definitely not your best clothing. Expect to play in a dark, cold, mothballed and dusty crypt.
  12. Players must follow all instructions given to you by your games host, who will observe you during gameplay. This includes, but is not limited to, the following requirements:
  13. No mobile phones or cameras are allowed in the escape room – no photographs.
  14. No paper or pens or writing anything down is allowed.
  15. No excess force or heavy handling of objects should be used for any objects or for doors or closures – they are all on sensors.
  16. None of the wiring or visible electronics or any lighting including CCTV camera, speakers, fire alarms and detectors form any part of the game and they must not be handled or touched of interfered with.
  17. The building is a real vault, it is listed and there are cracks and crevices. Players should not scrape or otherwise interfere with the walls or general fabric of the building or pipework.
  18. Players must take personal care moving around the space including removal of baseball caps that obscure vision of low arches. Please bring glasses if you normally wear them.
  19. A loud and startling sound within the room at any point means to stop doing something that the management do not want you to do.
  20. Masks must be worn at all times (you will collectively be given three chances after which the game will end automatically).
  21. Hand sanitiser must be used before entering the room.
  22. The game cannot be interrupted for general comfort breaks. If the panic/override exit button is used, this automatically ends the game. If you have a medical condition please see (10) above.
  23. No food or drinks are allowed into the escape room.
  24. We have a zero tolerance policy concerning use of alcohol: people who we suspect are under the influence of either drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to play. We will refuse entry at our sole discretion if players turn up drunk or are otherwise not in a suitable condition to play. Refunds will not be given.
  25. Our entire premises and grounds are strictly no smoking.
  26. We want all our customers to have an enjoyable experience, and to respect others who might be using our premises at Aspire Ryde at the same time. You are responsible for your behaviour and your actions, which may affect the escape room and other people. If we, or another person in authority believe your actions could: distress, upset, or annoy other customers, our suppliers or staff and volunteers; or put them in any danger; or damage any property including the fabric of the building itself; or if you are unfit in anyway to partake in the escape room, we will not continue with your booking and you will be asked to leave. In all cases, without exception, no refund will be given.