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Solve the puzzles of our unique historic story and church crypt


Find the clues about the Lind family and missing Dr James Lind

Play together

Enjoy the challenge with friends working in teams of 2-6 people

Beat the clock

Time is running out with only 60 minutes to escape from the crypt

The UK’s first escape room inside a real church crypt

Do you have what it takes to uncover the unanswered truth of the missing great Naval Surgeon, Dr James Lind, and break free from The Lost Crypt? Born in 1716, Dr Lind died in 1794, leaving questions surrounding his final resting place. Could he be buried in the family crypt in Aspire Ryde’s Holy Trinity building, along with daughter-in-law and main benefactor of the church, Elizabeth Lind? It’s possible…
As historians you explore the crypt looking to uncover the truth of missing Dr Lind.  

But things go decidedly wrong and turn to panic. You are now stuck inside.

If you cannot uncover the clues within the crypt to make your escape you could be there indefinitely…