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This is no ordinary Escape Room. Your experience is based on a unique history, in a real crypt, within an unique historic church building in Ryde.

The great naval physician Dr James Lind (1716-1794) was a pioneer of the treatment of scurvy. His work is highly celebrated, having led to the first clinical medical trials. A research library and numerous other medical initiatives are established in his name. Dr Lind was a man of some mystery because his final resting place is uncertain. The tomb in Porchester, where records indicate he is buried, is empty of his coffin. A rumour also exists that he is on the Isle of Wight somewhere.

Trying to find his whereabouts, you are following a lead to the family crypt of his daughter-in-law Elizabeth Lind, in an unseen part of Aspire Ryde’s former church building, Holy Trinity. Elizabeth was the main benefactor of the church but with few surviving records, the exact crypt configuation below ground is not entirely known. Various doorways have been bricked up over the years. The entire lower ground was full to capacity as a crypt before Ryde cemetery was built, so various bodies and artefacts have been moved over time. It’s logical to assume he could be here.

You will discover some of the history of the Lind family in this former church. And if you manage to escape, you might even solve the mystery of missing Dr Lind.